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Round Leakproof Aerosol Can Lid Standard Size

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we have cooperated with JINCHENG AEROSOL VALVE for more than 5 years, the quality is excellent, the communications are always fast. if any problems told, they will fix it quickly to every satisfaction.


As a retailer in the aerosol valve industry, we have worked with JINCHENG for many years Why do we choose the JINCHENG for several different reason. First, product quality is perfect. Their products are novel in design and unique in selling point. Especially suitable for the European market. Every time they always give us good advice and design.

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Round Leakproof Aerosol Can Lid Standard Size

Round Leakproof Aerosol Can Lid Standard Size

Nozzle: Adjustable Design: Ergonomic
Color: White Leakproof: Yes
Weight: Lightweight Material: Plastic
Spray Type: Fine Mist Shape: Round
High Light:

aerosol cap


aerosol can caps


leakproof aerosol spray cap

Product Description:

Aerosol Spray Cap is a lightweight spray bottle top made of plastic, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed to provide a fine mist for your aerosol containers, making it easier to apply liquids on hard-to-reach places. This Aerosol Spray Cap is perfect for a variety of tasks, such as spraying paint, lubricants, insecticides, and more. It is also a great fit for aerosol containers and lids, making it a practical and convenient choice for your home and outdoor projects. This spray bottle top is an ideal choice when it comes to a reliable aerosol container lid that will get the job done.

Round Leakproof Aerosol Can Lid Standard Size 0


  • Product Name: Aerosol Spray Cap
  • Leakproof: Yes
  • Size: Standard
  • Packaging: Retail Box
  • Name: Aerosol Spray Cap
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Type: Aerosol Can Cap, Aerosol Container Cap, Aerosol Container Lid

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Name of commodity Aerosol Spray Cap
Weight Lightweight
Design Ergonomic
Nozzle Adjustable
Color White
Shape Round
Leakproof Yes
Packaging Retail Box
Name Aerosol Spray Cap
Size Standard
Aerosol Can Top Yes
Aerosol Container Cap Yes
Aerosol Container Lid Yes


The Versatile Aerosol Spray Cap: An Indispensable Accessory

The Aerosol Spray Cap is a widely used retail box item that comes in a standard round shape and is made of plastic. This versatile aerosol can top is an indispensable accessory that helps make spraying aerosol products much easier. Whether you’re using a spray paint, hairspray, deodorant, or insect repellent, the Aerosol Spray Cap ensures that the product is sprayed evenly and accurately. It also helps to keep the spray nozzle clean, preventing clogs and misfires.

The Aerosol Spray Cap is an ideal choice for any aerosol can, providing a secure and snug fit that prevents any leakage or spillage. The Aerosol Spray Cover provides a reliable and leak-proof seal, preventing any kind of product wastage. The Aerosol Spray Lid comes in a standard size that fits most cans, making it a great choice for use with a variety of aerosol products. With the Aerosol Spray Cap, you can rest assured that your aerosol products will be used safely and efficiently.

The Aerosol Spray Cap is an indispensable accessory that helps make spraying aerosol products much easier and more efficient. With the Aerosol Spray Cover, you can ensure that your aerosol products are used safely and precisely, and that no product is wasted. So, if you need a reliable aerosol can top, the Aerosol Spray Cap is the perfect choice!



Customized Aerosol Spray Cap
  • Spray Type: Fine Mist
  • Name of Commodity: Aerosol Cover, Aerosol Lid
  • Packaging: Retail Box
  • Size: Standard
  • Nozzle: Adjustable
  • Spray Bottle Cap
  • Aerosol Can Top
  • Aerosol Can Cap
  • Fine Mist Nozzle

Support and Services:

Aerosol Spray Cap Technical Support and Service

At Aerosol Spray Cap, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. Our technical support team is on hand to help with any questions or issues that you may have regarding our products.

If you have a technical question or require assistance with any of our products, please contact us via email or phone. We will do our best to provide you with a swift response and helpful advice.

We also provide regular maintenance and repair services for our customers. If you are having any issues with your Aerosol Spray Cap product, please contact us and we will arrange for a technician to visit your location and carry out the necessary work.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Aerosol Spray Cap:

Aerosol Spray Caps should be packaged securely in boxes and placed on pallets for transportation. The boxes should be marked clearly with the product name and manufacturer information. A protective layer of bubble wrap or foam should be used to protect the product from any damage during shipping. The pallets should also be secured with shrink wrap and/or straps to prevent any shifting during transit.

It is important to use a reliable shipping partner with a good track record of on-time delivery. The product should be monitored throughout the transport process and any damages or delays should be documented and addressed immediately.



  • Q: What is the Aerosol Spray Cap?
  • A: The Aerosol Spray Cap is a device that fits over any aerosol can, allowing you to spray the contents in a controlled manner.
  • Q: How does the Aerosol Spray Cap work?
  • A: The Aerosol Spray Cap works by using a trigger mechanism to control the release of the aerosol as you press down.
  • Q: What are the benefits of using the Aerosol Spray Cap?
  • A: The Aerosol Spray Cap provides greater control over the aerosol spray, helping to reduce waste and the risk of accidents.
  • Q: What types of aerosols can be used with the Aerosol Spray Cap?
  • A: The Aerosol Spray Cap is designed to fit over any aerosol can, so it can be used with a wide variety of aerosol products.
  • Q: Is the Aerosol Spray Cap easy to use?
  • A: Yes, the Aerosol Spray Cap is simple to use. Just attach it to your aerosol can and use the trigger to control the release of the aerosol.

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